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"The world is spinning too fast, And I'm buying Nike shoes To keep myself tethered To the days I tried to lose." - 2D

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Modest Mouse
Night on the Sun



Night on the Sun | Modest Mouse

Turn off the light ‘cause it’s night on the sun
You’re hopelessly hopeless
I hope so, for you
Freeze your blood and then stab it into in two
Stab your blood into me and end
I eat my own blood and get filled up get filled up
I get filled up on me and end

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Kanye West on VH1 Storytellers (2008): “When I made ‘Good Life’… I was very rich already. But if I think back to when I was making The College Dropout thinking this wasn’t what I expected. I mean I didn’t expect the losses. I didn’t expect everything to work out well. I expected real life. And then… I suffered the worst pains to help me to grow. So those experiences, I’ll never ask to take them away because they’re all in God’s plan. And help make me the man that I am today. And help make me more of a soldier and a vessel. Because if I hadn’t suffered those losses, I might be scared or too scared to fight the war on traditional thinking.

This is what makes Kanye great

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First prize in Science’s Visualization Challenge (video category) went to this NASA video by Greg Shirah, Horace Mitchell, and Tom Bridgman. It shows Earth’s “climate engine” — the wind patterns and ocean currents that are powered by the sun.

This movie is called “Dynamic Earth” and it’s one of the shows we have at the planetarium! It’s fantastic in full-dome

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